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Exporting to the UAE

With its open and booming economy, its diversification initiatives, one of the highest GPD per capita in the world, and a worldly and diverse population, the UAE is an ideal export market.

Exporting to the UAE is a fairly easy process. Some of the advantages to exporting to the UAE are:

  • Ease of registration
  • Few restrictions
  • Low taxes
  • Very open and pro-business environment

To export, a company must find an interested buyer and an agent/distributor to work from the UAE. The US government provides very helpful leads at the website below:

It’s important to understand that the company engaged in importing and distributing a product into the UAE must be either:

  • 100 percent UAE-owned agency/distributorship
  • A 51/49 percent (UAE/foreign) limited liability company

Along the same lines, it is preferable to select a registered UAE agent to assist in the distribution. The UAE Ministry of Economy handles registrations of commercial agents. It is important to note that only UAE nationals or companies wholly owned by UAE nationals can register as local agents.

American companies looking to export to the UAE could find this US Department of Commerce page helpful: matches US exporters with non-US importers, including in the UAE

Trade Point Dubai is run by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and links Dubai companies with buyers and sellers all over the world. It also facilitates international transactions, networking and provides trade-related information. It is located at:

There are also a number of consulting firms based in the UAE that facilitate business set up and incorporation in addition to providing useful guidance on business in the UAE.

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