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Exports Control

The UAE tightened export control laws and enforcement to prevent the movement of illicit goods and materials across its borders. In August 2007, the UAE government enacted a stringent export control law that includes stiff penalties for parties involved in the diversion of controlled shipments. Federal Law Number 13 of 2007, addressing commodities subject to import and export control procedures, does the following:

Authorizes government bodies to restrict or ban the import, export or re-export of goods deemed a threat to the UAE’s national security, foreign policy, natural resources, public health and safety, or the environment.

Bans the export or re-export of strategic goods, including arms and military hardware, chemical and biological materials, and dual-use items without a special license.

Establishes a National Commission with clear oversight and management responsibility for UAE export control procedures. This Commission has the ability to categorize goods and technologies as strategic and controlled, if they can be used for military purposes or in conventional weapons or weapons of mass destruction.

Specifies penalties, up to imprisonment for one year and/or fines totaling over US$270,000.

As a result of the law, the UAE has shut down about two dozen international and local companies involved in money laundering and proliferation of dual-use and dangerous materials banned under the Nonproliferation Treaty and under multiple UN resolutions.

UAE security forces have interdicted scores of ships suspected of carrying illicit cargo, based on intelligence from its own and third-country agencies. In 2008 alone, the UAE interdicted or seized numerous sensitive shipments bound for Iran that could be used for the manufacture of weapons systems. This included specialized aluminum sheets, titanium, high-speed computers and sophisticated machine tools.

In September 2008, the UAE amended the export control law to toughen its implementation. The changes resulted from a review of compliance and enforcement of the current law and a review of its effectiveness.Further upgrades on export control procedures are planned, in order to meet recommended guidelines of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

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